[dylan_page_title title=”Join the Club”]

As a LKD Loyalty Club member, you will be able to enjoy a number of exclusive privileges which include:

[dylan_icon_box title=”1% Referral fee” text=”Receive a 1% Referral Fee when you refer a new buyer to a LKD property*.” alignment=”” icon=”hc-users”][/dylan_icon_box]
[dylan_icon_box title=”1% Rebate discount” text=”Receive a 1% Rebate Discount when you purchase a new LKD property.” alignment=”” icon=”hc-home”][/dylan_icon_box]
[dylan_icon_box title=”Discounts and offers” text=”Receive discounts and offers to select retailers, cafes and restaurants.” alignment=”” icon=”hc-piggy”][/dylan_icon_box]
[dylan_icon_box title=”Exclusive invitations” text=”Members will have exclusive pre-launch invitations for our latest developments.” alignment=”” icon=”hc-id”][/dylan_icon_box]

*Conditions apply.

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